Level 5 Partners Launches New Social Collaboration Capabilities for Its Scalable Project Management Platform

Socially Enabled PMO

L5P’s newest release enables organizations to collaborate in real time with the ease that is typically only found in personal social networks.

Iselin, New Jersey, July 28, 2014 - Level 5 Partners releases version 4.2 of the Virtual Program Management Office. This newest release is focused on enabling stakeholders to collaborate in the cloud bringing unprecedented levels of project delivery efficiency.

This new release includes:

Social Enabled PMO – The socially enabled PMO includes everything from point and click communication with team members, to having a real time social feed that allows teams to communicate activities, accomplishments, and directives in a fashion that is seamless and is as easy to use as the typical personal social network.

Dropbox and Google Drive Integration – With the cloud turning out to be more the standard than the exception and the use of mobile devices it cannot be assumed that all files will be provisioned from the desktop. Our latest release now includes interfaces to external file systems, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Seamless Inline Resource Management – The vPMO has always had robust resource forecast and resource management capabilities, but with this release we introduce a far more efficient way of managing resource availability. Our newest version affords the user the power of the vPMO with the ease of use and speed of completing a spreadsheet.

"In our market research, we see social project management becoming a potentially transformative vector for small businesses as well as enterprises. As companies face challenges such as having a remote workforce, and as the pace of technology increases, teams need to be supported by tools that make them feel connected in real-time. Buyers are looking for tools that give them the core project management functionality, while also providing advanced communication applications on par with the most popular social platforms." -Noel Radley, Managing Editor, Project Management at Software Advice

About Level 5 Partners

Level 5 Partners Virtual Program Management Office (vPMO) is a program management office portal that includes Portfolio Management (pre-project analysis), Product Delivery Centers (project execution), Project Continuum (post-project support), Resource Planning (timesheets, resource forecasting, optimization of project staffing), Knowledge Management (cross-initiative knowledge share), and Service Desk, our integrated Help Desk system. It provides teams with a unique platform for collaborating on multiple projects in one workspace in real time. Level 5 Partners, Inc. is a privately held corporation located in New Jersey.

For more information, contact Level 5 Partners toll free at (877)269-6305 or visit www.level5partners.com.

Media Contact:
John Glander
PMO Evangelist Level 5 Partners
tel 201-222-7776
fax jglander@level5partners.com


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