Getting the Most Value from your Time and Effort Tracking System

Time and Effort Tracking

One unfortunate task that often falls into a project manager’s lap is to ensure that team members accurately log time to the appropriate project task. While hunting down your team and reviewing their entries is by no means fun, it is important to understand where resource hours are actually spent, even more so if the logged hours are used for billing purposes.

Want to ruin your projects? Here are 10 methods to almost guarantee they fail.

Epic Project Failure

We have had numerous blog posts with information on how to make your projects more successful. In this blog post we take a different approach. We will not be emphasizing how to make your projects successful, we are going to provide some insight into what you should NOT be doing if you want your projects to have a positive outcome.

Managing Remote Teams - 5 Tips to Make You More Successful

Managing Remote Teams

Most companies today have some form of “onshore/offshore” and/or “in office/out of office” team mix. The team could be employees located in distant offices, employees working from home, or a delivery partner that is based in a distant location.

Many project managers that are new to the remote worker / offshore team will be paranoid about the team “slacking off” or “not being efficient”. They resort to draconian tactics like micro-managing or overly frequent status meetings.

These five tips should help in the early days of establishing and maintaining your virtual team.

Six Attributes of Highly Successful Project Managers

Project Management - Soft Skills

Whether you are a successful project manager or one that is “just learning the ropes”, I bet you can easily identify your peers that are highly successful project managers. They are the ones that are consistently delivering projects on time, within budget, and with results that meet or exceed stakeholders’ expectations. These high achievers understand that leadership and people skills are more important to their success than an effective methodology or project tracking tools.

It may sound “touchy-feely” to talk about “soft skills”, but what we are talking about are not warm hugs and sing-a longs. We are talking about essential soft skills that a project manager must master to deliver successful projects. Check out the following six attributes and think about how many you have mastered.

Level 5 Partners Launches New Social Collaboration Capabilities for Its Scalable Project Management Platform

Socially Enabled PMO
L5P’s newest release enables organizations to collaborate in real time with the ease that is typically only found in personal social networks.
Iselin, New Jersey, October 16, 2014 - Level 5 Partners releases version 4.2 of the Virtual Program Management Office.  This newest release is focused on enabling stakeholders to collaborate in the cloud bringing unprecedented levels of project delivery efficiency.

Juggling lots of projects? Don’t forget to communicate!


The most common mistake I have seen with project managers managing multiple projects is a failure to effectively communicate with team members and project sponsors. Ironically this “I don’t have time for all this touchy feely stuff” attitude could be one of the reasons your projects feel so overwhelming.

Resource Management Problem – Are you sure?

Resource Management Problem

Setting up your organization’s PMO in 5 “easy” steps

Setting up a PMO


The worldwide recession might be ending, but most organizations are still in risk reduction and cost avoidance mode. Line of business teams are constantly trying to dip-dodge-duck-dive to do anything they can to improve the bottom line. To succeed in a fast moving business environment they need to evolve and that means they need ever more efficient and agile teams to support them. That means new projects, changes to existing ways of doing business, increased productivity... and did I mention support for EVERY platform that exists?

Real World PM Stories - Unrealistic Project Expectations

Project Management - Expectations vs. Reality


In this week's post we continue our series on "Real Life PM Stories".  This series reflects real world project management experiences.  If you have a good real world PM story, share it in the comments section.  


Top 4 Causes Project Management Offices Do Not Meet Organization’s Needs

PMO - Collaboration is key

After over 20 years managing projects and mentoring companies in the adoption of project and program management best practices, I have come to feel  that “I have seen it all”.  I’ve seen organizations with good PMOs, bad PMOs, and no PMOs.  What is the key differentiator?  Bad PMO’s typically perform poorly because of their approach to “solving the problem”.  They are typically formed by senior management that slams together a project management office to “solve our project delivery issues”. Hmmm…Suspiciously vague… no?


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