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Setting up your organization’s PMO in 5 “easy” steps

Setting up a PMO


The worldwide recession might be ending, but most organizations are still in risk reduction and cost avoidance mode. Line of business teams are constantly trying to dip-dodge-duck-dive to do anything they can to improve the bottom line. To succeed in a fast moving business environment they need to evolve and that means they need ever more efficient and agile teams to support them. That means new projects, changes to existing ways of doing business, increased productivity... and did I mention support for EVERY platform that exists?

Top 4 Causes Project Management Offices Do Not Meet Organization’s Needs

PMO - Collaboration is key

After over 20 years managing projects and mentoring companies in the adoption of project and program management best practices, I have come to feel  that “I have seen it all”.  I’ve seen organizations with good PMOs, bad PMOs, and no PMOs.  What is the key differentiator?  Bad PMO’s typically perform poorly because of their approach to “solving the problem”.  They are typically formed by senior management that slams together a project management office to “solve our project delivery issues”. Hmmm…Suspiciously vague… no?

The Top 5 Reasons PMOs Fail - and how to avoid them


The journey towards enhanced project delivery frequently begins with the implementation of a program management office (PMO). Unfortunately these efforts frequently come up short. The reason a PMO implementation frequently fails has nothing to do with process or technology issues. Frequently management sets up a small budget, hires a PMO manager and says “straighten things out”.

In the end this PMO manager has been unknowingly setup for failure. In this blog post we explore some common reasons PMO implementations fail and how to avoid making those mistakes.

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