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Six Attributes of Highly Successful Project Managers

Project Management - Soft Skills

Whether you are a successful project manager or one that is “just learning the ropes”, I bet you can easily identify your peers that are highly successful project managers. They are the ones that are consistently delivering projects on time, within budget, and with results that meet or exceed stakeholders’ expectations. These high achievers understand that leadership and people skills are more important to their success than an effective methodology or project tracking tools.

It may sound “touchy-feely” to talk about “soft skills”, but what we are talking about are not warm hugs and sing-a longs. We are talking about essential soft skills that a project manager must master to deliver successful projects. Check out the following six attributes and think about how many you have mastered.

Juggling lots of projects? Don’t forget to communicate!


The most common mistake I have seen with project managers managing multiple projects is a failure to effectively communicate with team members and project sponsors. Ironically this “I don’t have time for all this touchy feely stuff” attitude could be one of the reasons your projects feel so overwhelming.

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