People, Process, and Tools

We believe that successful project delivery comes down to qualified people, the right process, and the tools.

At Level 5 Partners we partner with our clients to put in place the proper people, process, and tools necessary to run an effective project delivery organization.

Qualified People

How can Level 5 Partners help you improve your team’s workforce?

  • Resource Needs Assessment and Recommendations
  • Staff Training
  • Staff Augmentation ( Consultants )
  • Staffing additional team members ( Full Time Team Members )

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The Right Process

How can Level 5 Partners help with your organization’s delivery process?

  • Process Mentoring
  • Process Oversight and Governance
  • Delivery Capability Assessment
  • Customized Project Delivery Process

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The Right Tools

What tools can Level 5 Partners help us implement?

  • Project Management Offices for the small organization Read More
  • Virtual Program Management Office (vPMO) Read More

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