Virtual Program Management Office (vPMO)

vPMO Detailed Scope

Level 5 Partners developed the Virtual Program Management Office (vPMO) suite to give organizations a jump-start toward project delivery excellence. The vPMO components work smoothly together in an integrated portal environment.

A technology initiative’s progress through the project delivery lifecycle begins with the Portfolio Management Center (pre-initiative analysis), moves to the Project Delivery Center (project specification, planning, and implementation) and finally reaches the Project Continuum (system support). All aspects of the system delivery process are integrated with the Human Asset Management component (addressing staff optimization) and the GURU which is a Best Practices and knowledge management utility.

Suite Components

  • The Portfolio Management Center (PMC) is a tool for evaluating, prioritizing, and approving initiatives and bringing them inline with business strategy and IT resource constraints. The PMC is used to create a "mini-business plan" for each initiative. The plan includes a project overview, risk management plan, proposed milestones, proposed team members, return on investment analysis, and key contacts repository.
  • The Project Delivery Center (PDC) is a project repository used for project coordination, team collaboration, requirements management, system design, and testing. In essence it is an end-to-end project repository.
  • The Service Desk is a fully integrated vPMO component that provides help desk functionality. The Service Desk component allows for the capture, routing, resolution and reporting of help desk incidents as well as allowing for the capture, publishing and reporting of Service Alerts.
  • The GURU Center is an integrated "Best Practices" and "Knowledge Management" reference utility designed to provide the project team with templates, knowledge tidbits, technical standards, product reviews, outside resources and links. This mind-share is valuable for promoting cross-project synergy and knowledge reuse.
  • The vPMO Mobile allows for access to your PMO and help desk data from a wireless device.

vPMO Common Features

  • Social Collaboration - Share critical information and create a socially enabled enterprise with vPMO's social feed. Think of it as a private collaboration space for your enterprise.
  • Revision Management - Allows the user to see all previous versions of all project data including author, modification date/time, attachments, and all other artifact data. 
  • Full Text Indexing - All data stored in the vPMO is full text indexed. Looking for information or a specific document, but don't remember where you saw it? No problem, just do a search!
  • Inline Feedback - The vPMO allows users to give "In-Line" feedback, for virtually any information, allowing for a real-time collaboration regarding project specifics.
  • ID Nesting - For artifacts that have a reference ID, the IDs can be stored in a hierarchical format. This can be useful in situations where there is a series of related artifacts.

System Integration

File Storage

While vPMO has its own integrated, revision managed, full text indexed file management system, there will be times when you organization wants to use a third party file storage system. Don't worry, we have you covered. vPMO can be configured to work seamlessly with both Google Docs and Dropbox.

  • Dropbox - Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.
  • Google Drive - Google Drive is Google's file sharing service. It enables you to easily access all your files on any device.

Data Publishing and Consumption

Data can be imported and/or extracted from vPMO using the following data interchange methods:

  • Integrated Project Reporting - Integrated project reports are paramount to understanding how your PMO is performing.  Our reports get you the data you need.
  • XML API - vPMO has a robust XML based API for exchanging data with external systems. This API can be utilized to import or export data from vPMO.
  • MS-Excel - For quick, ad hoc analysis, vPMO can export data directly to MS-Excel.
  • MS-Word - vPMO can produce exports in MS-Office format for publishing to external parties.
  • MS-Project - vPMO has a bi-directional MS-Project synchronization capability.

The screen shots can give you a better idea of the kind of problems this tool can help you solve. There are efficiencies to be gained in your organization, and we are here to help you realize them!

Contact us to begin the conversation of how we can help you improve your project delivery capabilities.

Screen Shots: 
The Project Management Office Dashboard allows quick access to PMO data
vPMO Dashboard (Custom) - Each user can customize their dashboard view
Each project (PDC ) has its own dashboard
Graphical charts assist in data analysis
Interactive gantt charts and MS-Project integration
Time and effort forecasting and tracking
Enterprise level resource planning and scenarios
All services in vPMO support full revision management fostering true traceability and accountability.